Endless Loops

Endless Loops The Starbucks at Akita Station shares space with a number of other businesses. Located on the first floor of the ALS Building, next to the Akita Hotel Metropolitan, Starbucks has a front row view of a host of other establishments, mostly upscale ladies clothing and accessory stores, where an amazing variety of women, […]

The Parakeet Lady

The Parakeet Lady In the spring, that idyllic period between Akita’s brutal snowy winters and its equally brutal muggy summers, there are a few days when the weather is so pleasant it compares to Eden. And on those rare days, we adjourn from our usual inside tables and congregate outside, where we can enjoy mild […]

Hard Biting News #3

Hard Biting News #3 Version 3 Herb: I’m Herb Leeker, your Hard Biting News reporter. Today, I’m attending the International People For Happiness convention. With me is the Grand Vizier of Smiles, George Pomfritte. Welcome to Hard Biting News, Mr. Pomfritte. Pomfritte: It makes me smile to be here with you, Mr. Leeker. And, please, […]

Toast House